The Foundation Board is comprised of up to thirteen volunteers who are committed to the Foundation's mission and values. All of the Directors have strong roots in the community. They bring a wealth of experience and insight to the work and direction of the Foundation.

Current Members


  • Responsible for overseeing the operation and public trust of the Foundation.
  • Articulate the mission and purpose of the Foundation's goal and ensure that appropriate structures and resources are in place to facilitate its mandate.
  • Ensure the fiscal stability of the Foundation and be accountable to donors and other stakeholders.
  • Hire appropriate staff to manage and lead the operations of the Foundation.
  • Actively participate in the fundraising process and be ambassadors of the Foundation and the Hospital in the community.

Committee Structure

In order that the Foundation can fulfill its mandate and be accountable to the community, the following committees are active:

Executive Committee:

Myles Murdock - Chair
Brenda Teichert - Vice Chair
Dean Whalen - Treasurer
Shawn Lynn- Director

Finance Committee:

Dean Whalen, Chair

Fund Development:

Brenda Teichert, Chair

Governance & Nominating Committee:

Mary Jane Bisset, Chair