News from AMGH Foundation

Keep up with all the latest news from the Foundation as we work with the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital to provide Goderich and the surrounding communities with the highest level of health care possible.

Legion Presents Hospital Foundation with Cheque

The Legion of Goderich joined at the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital on May 30th to present a cheque of $6,500 to the hospital foundation. President Dennis Schmidt of the legion, Ben Prouse of the Poppy Fund and Bingo chair person Linda Lumey collected funds for their third generous donation to the hospital.

The Poppy Fund is used to help raise money for Veterans and seniors, and by donating to the hospital they help ensure our local vets get the best care possible. $3,250 was donated from the Poppy Fund, as well as $3,250 from Bingo afternoons.

This donated money will go towards the purchase of an updated vital signs monitor with Oximetry. The members of the legion believe it is best to the Vets and seniors in surrounding areas to be provided with the most up to date equipment so they receive the best possible health care. A new vital machine will give physicians and nurses a faster and more accurate reading of vitals. The additional Oximetry, measures the amount of oxygen carried throughout ones body at a time. This equipment is necessary to the growing hospital and community. 

Second Annual 3-on-3 Ball Hockey Fundraiser

On May 13, the AMGH Foundation teamed up with Talbot Realty and Trevor Bezinet, to host the second annual 3-on-3 ball hockey tournament at the Goderich Memorial arena. Teams where invited to help raise funds for Priority Patient Equipment at the hospital.

Three age divisions were set up with a prize for the winner of each, along with tickets to a London Majors ball game to the top fundraising team who would be personally recognized at the game for their contributions to the foundation. The top fundraising team was the Floor Lords, managing to collect an amazing $837. The top fundraiser was Brock Biznet with $300.

Those who did not come to play had the option to participate in several other activities around the arena, such as a silent auction, a raffle table, hockey shots games and many more. Some of the top prizes from these small events included a Ryan O'Reilly signed Buffalo Sabres hat, Jays tickets and a London Knights Jersey. 

Thank you to the 16 teams that signed up and to Talbot Realty for sponsoring and making the event successful. 

Cheers to the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital Foundation-
Keeping Quality Health Care Close to Home

In 2016-2017 the AMGH foundation has provided $750, 000 from donors for the purchase of state of the art equipment for the hospital that would not have been otherwise government funded. Since the foundation began, it has now raised more than $8 million to help provide the hospital with the tools needed to run a variety of programs and services most surrounding communities do not have. 

Alexandra Marine & General Hospital provides several services such as emergency, surgery, medicine, mental health services, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as dialysis and telestroke, and many more. This variety helps keep quality health care close to home, making a significant difference to local patients. 

The AMGH foundation has worked hard to secure these programs, providing equipment such as a CT scanner, X-ray machine and mammography until, to help build and expand the local hospital making it a diverse place of health care. 

We would like to thank our volunteers and dedicated staff for helping us grow and continue to make change in such a wonderful community.

You can help support the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital foundation as a volunteer or through a generous donation. 

 Working Together for Quality Health Care

This month members of Alexandra Marine & General Hospital partnered with AMGH foundation staff, the Senior Leadership Team and the Community Advisory committee for the annual retreat. Member's of these various groups worked together to share goals and needs, and further plan on how to continue providing the best quality health care close to home. This years theme was "Working Together".

A highlighted priority brought up at this years retreat was to further open up the communications between patients, caregivers, donors, health care providers and the community at large. This plan focuses on the three areas of excellence at the hospital- Seniors Health, Women's Health and Mental Health and Addiction.

The AMGH foundation continues to work hard to provide the hospital with the tools necessary to providing the best possible health care. This year the foundation will be partnering with Ketchum Canada Inc. to help improve fundraising and ultimately plan a major fundraising campaign over the summer. This will help further provide the hospital with the state of the art equipment needed to provide a variety of services and health care programs. 

The AMGH Foundation and AMGH staff will continue to work towards mutual goals and visions to provide the community with the very best care they can provide. 

The AMGH Foundation & Credit Union hosts the Ultimutts Stunts Dog Show 

On May 8, Mainstreet Credit Union partnered with the AMGH foundation to host the Ultimutts Stunts Dog Show at the Goderich Memorial Arena. This event was held to raise money for the foundation's neonatal and obstetrics program, used to benefit women's health in Goderich and surrounding local areas. The Ultimutts had a wonderful turn out, preforming two shows and raising an amazing $2200 for the foundation.

The large crowd got to witness these show dogs doing several complicated tricks, such as tight rope walking and playing the piano, followed by a meet and greet with celebrity dogs after the show. The Ultimutts have gained popularity through programs, such as Good Morning America for their pristine showman ship and lovable owners.

The show was a huge success thanks to Mainstreet Credit Union, the AMGH Foundation and the Ultimutts themselves.  
Thank you for helping keep quality health care close to home. 

AMGH & the Foundation Host
Huron Chamber of Commerce 'Business After 5'

The Alexandra Marine & General Hospital and the AMGH Foundation hosted a Huron Chamber of Commerce 'Business After 5' event at the Hospital on March 23.  Chamber members had the opportunity to get up close and learn about some of the equipment and technology at the Hospital and the Foundation's role in providing the Hospital with the equipment that they need.  Heather Robinson, Manager of Digital Imaging provided a demonstration of the CT Scanner and explained what makes it so special to AMGH staff and patients.  Samantha Marsh, CNE/VP of Clinical Services showed off one of the new Dialysis chairs purchased with funds raised by the Dialysis 95 + 20 Community Campaign.  Guests also had the opportunity to try out the new digital vein finder, amazing technology that allows AMGH staff to quickly and easily locate veins, reducing patient discomfort if more than one attempt is needed to administer medication or draw samples.

Special thanks to:  the AMGH, Foundation, and Chamber Board of Directors members who attended; Bruce Quigley, AMGH President and CEO; the Hospital staff who prepared the refreshments and those who attended to share information about the Hospital and provide demonstrations of the equipment; Councillor Trevor Bazinet; and all who attended. 



Support for Healthy Hearts this Holiday

This holiday season, we got right to the heart of the matter and appealed to you to help us provide the AMGH with priority Heart and Stroke Equipment.  Heart equipment at the Hospital is used every day to determine heart health, and in emergencies, to save lives.  Our community is very fortunate to have the only Telestroke services in Huron County, connecting stroke patients and their emergency physicians with remote neurologists across Ontario. 

Once again, the generosity of our community showed how much you value the services provided at this hospital, close to home.  We reached over $60,000 in donations!  These donations made it possible for the AMGH to purchase another defibrillator, heart monitoring equipment, and necessary technology to connect AMGH emergency physicians with the Telestroke neurologists across Ontario.  

Our community definitely has heart.